mysql workbench 1142,Mysql Workbench错误1142“错误查询安全信息”;关于数据导出「建议收藏」


yesterday I updated my Workbench to the latest version available, the 6.3.6 build 511 CE on Windows 10.

Now I’m trying to make a dump of a remote database via the “Data Export” feature, which has always worked.

But, as soon as I click the “Start Export” button, I get this error:

Unhandled exception: Error querying security information: Error

executing ‘SELECT * FROM mysql.user WHERE user = ‘[username]’ and

Host = ‘[host]’ ORDER BY User, Host’

SELECT command denied to user ‘[username]’@'[host]’ for table ‘user’

SQL Error: 1142

I know that I don’t have the permissions to read that table, but why is that needed to perform a data export?

I’ve tried to check the force option (Continue even if we get an sql-error) but it’s still not working.

Is this a Workbench bug? Or is there any way to avoid this query?


Update as of 13th June 2016

Download 6.3.7 (or later if available) from here

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